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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Most Important Backpack - Free Pattern!

HEY! I have another important and free cross stitch pattern for you guys. This time it's for Hunger Games fans.

I've been seeing a lot about the Catching Fire film lately and, AND, the Cover Girl Capitol Collection (I'm dying over here about that, by the way!) so Hunger Games has been on my brain. I thought I'd try and do another "important tools" type pattern and decided to go with the backpack that Katniss nabs from the cornucopia. So, it includes her muddy backpack, crackers, rolled up sleeping bag, matches, night vision glasses, dried beef, iodine, wire and water bottle!

Get it for free by clicking the image or right here:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Free Animal Crossing Inspired Pattern

A few weeks ago Adam surprised me with a 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. We've been playing it every day since and it's pretty great! And since it's been on my mind non-stop, I decided to design a free, AC inspired pattern.

The Most Important Tools mini cross stitch pattern that features, well, just that! The most important tools you need in your AC town! It's available as a free download in .pdf format and you can click here to get it or click on the image below!

It measures about 2 1/2 inches on 14 pt and about 3 1/4 on 11 pt. See, I told you, mini! Happy stitching!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Little Gardener

I can't believe this didn't get posted here yet! Little Gardener - my newest counted cross stitch patter is now available in the S. Jane Craft shop! Click on the banner to the right to go to the shop!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beach Bear Cross Stitch Pattern

We've had a little bit of a strange spring and summer here in Maine. It felt like spring took forever to get here and summer seemed to be dragging its feet and then we had 3 or 4 day 90+ degree heat wave. Then we had weeks in the 60's and 70's. I don't really want to complain because, as I think I've mentioned before, we live in a very sunny (read: hot) 3rd floor apartment and it was nice to have cool air flowing through.

I started the pattern for Beach Bear on one of the cooler, rainy days while I was wondering if summer was ever actually going to happen. Well, it has! And what better way to kick it off than with a fun little stitching project!

Beach Bear Cross Stitch

You can purchase Beach Bear as an instant download from my shop! Just click the Etsy link on the upper right or click right here!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Lady Bear Cross Stitch Pattern

I was recently able to get my laptop working again, which has been awesome. However, the biggest reason that I wanted to use it again is because a little while before it crapped out on me I had purchased a program to make cross stitch patterns. I was able to make a few before my computer, let's just say, "slept" for over a year but I never really got to share them.

So, I am very excited to share with you all, my first cross stitch pattern - Lady Bear!

Pattern - Lady Bear

Lady Bear cross stitch pattern is available now in .pdf as an instant download in the S. Jane Craft shop. She's a fun little beginner project, if you haven't done much cross stitch and she is worked up in only four colors so she's easily customizable!

Happy stitching!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas gifts

The stupid thing about trying to take last minute photos of the Christmas gifts you made is that it's last minute and the photos aren't going to look so great. But then the good thing about moving back home is that most of the gifts you made are close by and you can get pictures of them another time.

I did, however get a couple good pictures of these cross stitch kits I made for our nieces. It was a really fun gift to put together and I think my favorite out of what I made for handmade gifts. (I also made coasters, spice mixes, marinated olives, bacon salt, tivets, etc..)

Cross stitch kit

Cross stitch kit

They were really excited about the pouches and the pattern (they love my little animal drawings) but the other stuff they seemed a little confused about until I explained it would be a fun project we could do together. Then they were all "OH A GIRL'S CRAFT DAY" and were excited again. Cuties!

Another gift I made was an animal portrait for my brother's girlfriend, Kate. I have to say, I really cracked myself (and her) up with this one.


So there you go, a little post about a few things I made. I think I might work on a 2011 wrap up post later today. So much happened this year that I feel like I should, but I don't know!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Handmade gifts

I did a bunch of handmade gifts for Christmas this year. It just feels so nice to give someone something that you made.

The first gift I started (and finished) and the most complicated was a table runner for my mother-in-law, Bobbie. It wasn't too bad to make because I was already very familiar with the motifs. (I made many of them for wedding decorations.) I am really happy with how it came out and Adam's mom loved it!
Table runner

For my mom I made her a crocheted cowl and this craaaazy doily. I wanted to try out some of the yarn that my friend Morgan and I had dyed earlier this year and found a doily pattern that used sock yarn. I had no idea what the yarn was going to look like crocheted and it was crazy and SO BRIGHT.
Crazy in-your-face doily!
The pattern worked up really nicely, I think I'll definitely make some less crazy ones someday.

For my bro, Johnny, I found a cross stitch pattern of a typewriter and stitched it up. The pattern is by Tiny Modernist on Etsy.
typewriter cross stitch front
typewriter cross stitch back
I attached a piece of felt to the back and embroidered on it. Johnny has called me "squirt" since before I can even remember and still does today!

I made a few other things that I totally forgot to take pictures of - A Zippered Dopp Kit from a tutorial on the Purl Bee site for Adam's sister. It was my first time making anything like that and I'm very very glad that I made a practice one first! For Adam's bro, Paul, I made a handkerchief. And for our nieces, a couple super simple little clutches to hold some little xmas stocking type items.

All in all I'm really happy with what I made/gave for gifts. I definitely want to do it again next year but I'm going to make sure I start planning sooner.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shop update? Reopening?

I'm finally adding some of my new stuff to the S. Jane Craft Etsy shop. It's a little scary adding new, different stuff. So here are the first two new things, now available in the shop! Click on the images to go the listing.

Diamond Pendant in Sunset

Rainy Day Brooch

Friday, July 16, 2010

So many options!

I've been cross stitching so many little designs lately trying to get a good stock of stuff. I realized yesterday that there are really so many things I could do. I tried some out, but I'm still not sure which ones I like besides the necklace.

The coral colored flower is from a antique pattern and I put it on a headband. All the rest are my own designs and from top to bottom are a brooch, hair pin and necklace. This is only a few of the pieces I've been stitching but what do you think?

I need some feedback, pals!

Also, I can't get this song out of my head today! If you haven't checked out the mystery that is (or, well, was) Iammaiwhoami, I highly recommend it. Super creepy and intriguing.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick peek and bone chisels (jk not really)

Just a quick peek at some projects I'm working on!

It's been a lot of stitching and a lot of Doctor Who the past few weeks. We are finally starting to get the gross heat that everyone else has been having. It just started yesterday so it's not too bad in our house yet but I'm already dreading it. Maybe I was one of the only ones, but I really wasn't minding the unseasonably cool weather we were having.

Well, I'm going to return to trying to keep cool and then make some pizza dough! We are going to a BBQ later and we're going to bring stuff for grilled pizzas. We made them when we went up to Seattle for the 4th and they came out so delicious.

Also while in Seattle on the 4th, I took some time to study up on medical equipment sterilization procedures.

And by study up I mean look through a procedure book my dad has for work and look for the old medical tools that I have and yell.."OH GROSS OUT!" at what they were once used for. I wish I had taken a picture of one of the grosser ones (like the bone chisels or things that cut nose cartilage, totally pukatronic!) but my camera battery crapped out immediately after that pic.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flower Necklace

Here is the other cross stitch piece I did. I decided to turn this one into a necklace as well.

It's the middle of June and only in the 50's outside. What the crap, Oregon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diamond Necklace

A few months back I did some little cross stitch pieces with the intention of making some kind of wearable things out of them. I finally got to work on one of those today.

It's a diamond necklace! Get it? Jokes!

You can see a pic of it on at my Flickr account. I'm not sure about the gold chain or the length, but I haven't totally secured the backing yet so I might change it out. I'm not really even positive if I like it as a necklace.

I've been so drowsy the past few days. The weather has been great but since moving here I've developed allergies and all I want to do is nap and blow my nose and sneeze. It's pretty lame.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I don't know why, but for some reason in the last few weeks I have started a couple new projects. One is an afghan that I will share pics of someday when the sun comes out again and the other has been stitching up some cross stitch patterns I made.

I'm not totally sure what these are going to end up as yet, but I have some good ideas.

I want to work on some nice patterns of well...patterns for cross stitching. I've been making my patterns in Illustrator and it's so easy!

I'm going to be heading over to the Twin Ravens Press studio (aka Kristin's house!) again today to help out  with finishing up a big order. I was over there for most of yesterday along with one of Kristin's other friends helping to bind booklets and piece things together. It's nice to get out of the house and help out a pal. Especially when it's doing things that you never do on your own!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

I have been in Maine for about a week now and it's even better than I could have imagined. My heart and mind are feeling much happier than they have in a while. I feel, well, at home. (Sorry, Oregon, you are really really great, but you just aren't Maine.)

My mom and I went down to Bailey Island this morning to visit The Log Cabin, where I used to work, and to pick some sea glass. It was foggy when we first got down there, but that place is so beautiful that it really didn't matter. We had also gone down a few days before with my dad to have lunch. The moment we crossed the bridge onto the island I let out a little squeal and a big sigh and immediately felt at ease. I just love it down there so very much!

Ok, now onto something I have been wanting to share for a while now! The wedding present I made for my friends DeAnne and James. (Who, by the way had a super awesome dance party wedding!)

It was so much fun to make and today DeAnne told me that they did, in fact, find it to be "totally awesome". But seriously, the wedding was SO much fun! DeAnne looked beautiful, James was totally dapper and everyone danced all night. How could we not when there was a plethora of tambourines!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally! Yay!

Ok, there will be images and stuff but just bear (bare?) with me first!

I just e-mailed and got a speedy reply from Anne, the registrar of the art school I went to, about the status of my diploma. ( I always say degree but Adam always has to remind me that the diploma is the piece of paper, whateves!) It was supposed to have been mailed to my Mom's house at the end of August and nothing ever showed up. Even though I walked in graduation last year I still had one more class to take, which I did this past spring. I had pretty much assumed the worst and that even though I had already been told everything was all settled up and I was done something had gone wrong. It just seems to be the cards I'm dealt a fair amount of the time and I very much mean that in the least dramatic way possible. If there's going to be a miscommunication about something or something getting lost...YO! It will involve me! So yeah, I'm not sure what happened but Anne said she would send it out right away! I guess she called me a few weeks ago, but I never got her message so she might have had my really old number. I was just so happy to hear from her because the last couple e-mails I sent months ago were replied by people who I didn't know and when you went to a college with around 500-600 people including faculty and staff, you know pretty much everyone.

It feels nice to get something big like that out of the way! Especially since the entire rest of my day will more than likely be spent playing Fable 2. I have been waiting anxiously since I first heard about a sequel a few years ago for this game. I often get excited about games but not THIS excited. I'm keeping my cool pretty well on the outside, but inside I'm completely geeking out and losing it. You know that character on SNL that loses it over surprise parties? Yeah, that's me on the inside RIGHT NOW.

I guess I will use this as a way to segue into video game related crafts. I've seen a lot of Portal and Weighted Companion Cube stuff but this has to be one of my favorites. I'm actually in the process of making one for Adam and I right now! You can get the pattern here! I think for a lot of people it's a nostalgia kind of thing because they grew up playing Nintendo or Atari or whatever, but that's not the case for me. I really love the idea of hand made items that honor such a digital format. It's old vs. new media and it's perfect! I think video games can be such an amazing art form and so insanely creative and unique. I have about a million more things I want to write about this, but I am starving so I'm going to eat some food and resume this post another time!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

moving and such

so i no longer live in maine. it's a little bit of a weird feeling, but i'm doing much better than i had ever expected. adam and i have a really great house and things are coming along nicely. we don't have internet yet, so i've been coming to adam's work for a few hours at night to use the internet here.

i just ate some cookies and donut. they were delicious!

so i've had a fair amount of time on my hands and i've been working on these cross stitch kits that i bought over a year ago. i saw them and it cracked me up so much. they are from some sort of career series for like..nurses, doctor, policemen...etc... and then there are really nice things written around the edges like.."helpful" "considerate" blah blah blah.

i bought a nurse one and a doctor one and decided against putting the words around the edges because i thought that it would be really funny to have two cross stitched pieces hanging on the wall that are of needles, crutches, pill bottles, stethiscopes, etc...

anyway, i finished the nurse one and i'm working on the doctor one, the images are what they will look like when i finish them. (i cropped out the words around the edges) adam seems to get as big a kick out of them as i do. so that's good!

i think that tomorrow i 'm am going to go look for a table for my very own craft room/studio! i haven't used the room at all yet because i have no table! i can't wait to be able to sit at it and make stuff. i have been getting some really cool ideas. not to mention some mini drawings i've been working on.

we have rabbits that play in our yard all day and birds and fat chipmunks who stare in our bedroom window (sliding glass door). it's awesome. i really like where we live. seriously. bunnies. all over. it's amazing. wisconsin, you are a funny, funny place. you're so nice and so flat (which still kind of freaks me out, i'm not used to wide open space unless it's the ocean) and all your trees lean to one side because of the wind!

oh, wisconsin!