Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas gifts

The stupid thing about trying to take last minute photos of the Christmas gifts you made is that it's last minute and the photos aren't going to look so great. But then the good thing about moving back home is that most of the gifts you made are close by and you can get pictures of them another time.

I did, however get a couple good pictures of these cross stitch kits I made for our nieces. It was a really fun gift to put together and I think my favorite out of what I made for handmade gifts. (I also made coasters, spice mixes, marinated olives, bacon salt, tivets, etc..)

Cross stitch kit

Cross stitch kit

They were really excited about the pouches and the pattern (they love my little animal drawings) but the other stuff they seemed a little confused about until I explained it would be a fun project we could do together. Then they were all "OH A GIRL'S CRAFT DAY" and were excited again. Cuties!

Another gift I made was an animal portrait for my brother's girlfriend, Kate. I have to say, I really cracked myself (and her) up with this one.


So there you go, a little post about a few things I made. I think I might work on a 2011 wrap up post later today. So much happened this year that I feel like I should, but I don't know!


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  1. I love those kits! Your nieces are super lucky. Happy new year.