Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hand carved stamp tutorial

Last week I asked on the S. Jane Facebook page if anyone would be interested in a tutorial on how to carve stamps. A bunch of people said yes, so today while I was finishing up a custom stamp, and the sun was shining I decided to make a video.

I've never done any kind of tutorial before and certainly not a video one, so any feedback would be great! It's a little long, but I wanted to be thorough...ok, here goes! I hope at least one person learns something, ha!

Whoa, talk about nerve wracking! It took less time than I thought but I'm not really a fan of being on camera so it's a good thing the video is mostly my hands! However, after listening to it, I'm pretty sure I could have also called this video "Lisp party 2k11".


  1. have you looked up letterboxing, yet?

    so many stamps to collect.

  2. Hi. I found your tutorial through Bluebirdbaby's blog. It's great. Thanks. I can't wait to try this out.

  3. Uuuhh- great tutorial- but I come from Germany, understand most things- but what is this plate called that you used a first to work the stamp from?
    I don´t know if there is anything like that in Germany too. All the other stuff I own, so I would like to try too :))

  4. Frau Mondstrahl -

    It's called Speedy Cut and it's made by Speedball.

    It's a large sheet of rubber, kind of like a giant eraser. It should be easy to find at any art store!

  5. Sarh- thank you :)

    i have found it and will order it tomorrow. Then there will be only two problems: I will get it and like always: I need time to try it out ;))

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for the video! It was great and super easy to follow along! I carved my first stamps and used it to make some hand stamped Totoro fabric :D

  7. Hey sjanecraft, first let me say good job....u did a wonderful and simple video explaining how to make stamps.....please can u tell me where i can purchase all the materials u used? i live in germany and i would like to order them online. and the other question i have for u can i use more than one color on a stamp? i would love to use black and blue ink on one that possible? and where can i order the ink pad....look forward to your responce

  8. fatsoul -

    Here are links to the block and also the cutter: block -

    cutter -

    You can also get ink pads from that site or at any craft, art or office supply store.

    If you wanted to do more than one color at time you could either take a brush and roll it around the ink pad and then paint it on the stamp or use watercolors and paint them on.

    Hope that's helpful! Have fun!

  9. Ha! I found you blog via this youtube video! Thanks so much for posting it because it was very educational and inspirational! It helped me so much that I finally got the guts up to creat my first stamp, after having the tools for about three years, but being too afraid to use them. It's a simple stamp of my most recent grand-daughter's name in my handwriting but it's my own and when she gets a bit older, if it's still in good shape, she'll hopefully want to use it too! :-)

    Betty M. from Two Harbors, Minnesota

    1. Thank you so much for this sweet comment. I'm glad that I could get you carving and I'm sure your grand-daughter will love the stamp :)

  10. IS the carving tool this one?

    It says linoleum cutter, so wasn't sure! Looks the same though!

  11. It is such a cute idea to make your own stamps! I am definitely going to try this some day, especially since my mom is stamping all the time. I actually have a huge set of woodcarving tools that would be easy to use when doing this. I just like how personalized you can make them.