Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Flat Stanley

Adam's (and soon mine!) niece, Carisa, is reading Flat Stanley in school and asked us to help her out with a project. We were sent a little template and we had to decorate it and dress him up how you would dress where we live. Since we live in the mostly rainy Pacific Northwest we went a raincoat and rain boots.

Since Adam and I weren't familiar with the story or character we looked up a picture on Google to see what his face looked like. We didn't realize until after we drew it on that the version of him we were drawing was actually illustrated by a professor at the college we went to, Scott Nash

I made all of Stanley's clothing and hair today out of card stock and it was really fun! We are going to take some pictures of him out and about town tomorrow. I didn't realize what a big project these Flat Stanley's are. They have been all over the world, what a cool project! I sure hope that Carisa likes him! 

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