Friday, July 16, 2010

So many options!

I've been cross stitching so many little designs lately trying to get a good stock of stuff. I realized yesterday that there are really so many things I could do. I tried some out, but I'm still not sure which ones I like besides the necklace.

The coral colored flower is from a antique pattern and I put it on a headband. All the rest are my own designs and from top to bottom are a brooch, hair pin and necklace. This is only a few of the pieces I've been stitching but what do you think?

I need some feedback, pals!

Also, I can't get this song out of my head today! If you haven't checked out the mystery that is (or, well, was) Iammaiwhoami, I highly recommend it. Super creepy and intriguing.


  1. the necklace is genuinely gorgeous, and i think these would be gorgeous as brooches too.
    i think the hair pin is also really cute.

  2. Love your work...i think I may have already said that before ;) My favorite is the hair pin. I really like the idea of the head band. Maybe on a wider head band though, so the scale of the piece and the band are more balanced. All of your colors are great! I'm excited to see more.

  3. Hello. What an interesting and pleasant coincidence. A few days ago, I published this orange flower pattern on my blog. I made cross stitch this pattern, about 35 years ago, I did, but could not finish ..
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