Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spy vs. Villain

Adam and I were at Border's a few weeks ago looking for The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis (which is pretty awesome, by the way!) when I saw something that reminded me of a couple books I own.

(The Usborne Spy's Guidebook & How to Be a Villain by, Neil Zawacki)

The spy one I got in 4th or 5th grade. I remember looking at it every time my mom and I would go to the bookstore until she eventually got it for me. It's not like I ever had anyone to spy on, but man oh man would I have been ready! It teaches you how to make pocket spy kits, how to disguise your looks and voice, sneak around and many other helpful things to learn how to be a spy.
Make a spy training course in your own back yard!

I think the most use I got out of it at the time was writing notes with my friends Lisa and Steph in secret codes. Sneaky but clearly not using our full spy potential.

The other book, How to Be a Villian, I got from my good friend Ellen for one of my early twenty-something birthdays. This one teaches you how to pick a perfect villain name, plan your world takeover and how to chose the right minions. The writing is really funny and the illustrations are great.

Choosing the right evil name takes time!

Unfortunately I've yet to put this one to use. Guess it's time to start my reign of villainous terror over the Eugene/Springfield area. Good luck trying to catch me with all my spy skills, coppers and heroes!

Seriously though, who wants to make a spy kit with me?


  1. The spy book looks awesome! I had a secret code book like that when I was little & loved it.

  2. I personally reviewed these books at Sarah's house and they are truly amazing. I would have wanted the spy one when I was a kid for sure.