Friday, July 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

I have been in Maine for about a week now and it's even better than I could have imagined. My heart and mind are feeling much happier than they have in a while. I feel, well, at home. (Sorry, Oregon, you are really really great, but you just aren't Maine.)

My mom and I went down to Bailey Island this morning to visit The Log Cabin, where I used to work, and to pick some sea glass. It was foggy when we first got down there, but that place is so beautiful that it really didn't matter. We had also gone down a few days before with my dad to have lunch. The moment we crossed the bridge onto the island I let out a little squeal and a big sigh and immediately felt at ease. I just love it down there so very much!

Ok, now onto something I have been wanting to share for a while now! The wedding present I made for my friends DeAnne and James. (Who, by the way had a super awesome dance party wedding!)

It was so much fun to make and today DeAnne told me that they did, in fact, find it to be "totally awesome". But seriously, the wedding was SO much fun! DeAnne looked beautiful, James was totally dapper and everyone danced all night. How could we not when there was a plethora of tambourines!


  1. Is it possible to buy a copy of this pattern? I would love to make it for a 1 yr anniversary present for my bff and that guy she married :) - Emily