Monday, July 6, 2009


Tomorrow, err, later today, I am taking the train cross country to go home to Maine for a little while. One of my really good and awesome friends, DeAnne is getting married and I cannot wait! The wedding is going to be such a blast and I can't wait to see so many good friends. I haven't been home for a visit in a long time and it's going to nice to just take it easy with my BFF's and family. I wish Adam was able to come with me. I sure am going to miss him and the pooch.

Maine! Fireflies! Atlantic Ocean! I miss you and am coming to you soon!

Oh man do I miss New England summers.


  1. I hope for your sake (and your friend's) that the weather is nicer than it has been in a while! So far, the usual New England summer has yet to appear. :(

  2. Hey! I just heard this song & thought you might like it ~
    It's a Japanese group called LAZYgunsBRISKY