Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally! Yay!

Ok, there will be images and stuff but just bear (bare?) with me first!

I just e-mailed and got a speedy reply from Anne, the registrar of the art school I went to, about the status of my diploma. ( I always say degree but Adam always has to remind me that the diploma is the piece of paper, whateves!) It was supposed to have been mailed to my Mom's house at the end of August and nothing ever showed up. Even though I walked in graduation last year I still had one more class to take, which I did this past spring. I had pretty much assumed the worst and that even though I had already been told everything was all settled up and I was done something had gone wrong. It just seems to be the cards I'm dealt a fair amount of the time and I very much mean that in the least dramatic way possible. If there's going to be a miscommunication about something or something getting lost...YO! It will involve me! So yeah, I'm not sure what happened but Anne said she would send it out right away! I guess she called me a few weeks ago, but I never got her message so she might have had my really old number. I was just so happy to hear from her because the last couple e-mails I sent months ago were replied by people who I didn't know and when you went to a college with around 500-600 people including faculty and staff, you know pretty much everyone.

It feels nice to get something big like that out of the way! Especially since the entire rest of my day will more than likely be spent playing Fable 2. I have been waiting anxiously since I first heard about a sequel a few years ago for this game. I often get excited about games but not THIS excited. I'm keeping my cool pretty well on the outside, but inside I'm completely geeking out and losing it. You know that character on SNL that loses it over surprise parties? Yeah, that's me on the inside RIGHT NOW.

I guess I will use this as a way to segue into video game related crafts. I've seen a lot of Portal and Weighted Companion Cube stuff but this has to be one of my favorites. I'm actually in the process of making one for Adam and I right now! You can get the pattern here! I think for a lot of people it's a nostalgia kind of thing because they grew up playing Nintendo or Atari or whatever, but that's not the case for me. I really love the idea of hand made items that honor such a digital format. It's old vs. new media and it's perfect! I think video games can be such an amazing art form and so insanely creative and unique. I have about a million more things I want to write about this, but I am starving so I'm going to eat some food and resume this post another time!


  1. Glad you like the design. :)
    Your custom stamps are cute! I remember making a couple stamps like that back in highschool. I wonder where I can find that rubber again...

  2. Do you live near a Michael's? That's where I get the material I use!

  3. Cool, I actually have to go to Michael's this weekend, so I'll keep an eye out for it! Thanks.