Friday, October 10, 2008


The last few days have been kind of cloudy and it's making me want to just hang out under a blanket, snuggle with Austin and do nothing. I'm sure Austin would be up for this idea too, but he's not allowed on the bed. Anyway!

Here are some more patterns. There are a bunch more on my flickr. I just checked the mail and now Adam and I are officially Oregon voters! Yay! This will be the first election we both vote in and we are pretty excited. Obama, duh!


  1. You're voting for OBAMA? Don't you know that he wants to fix problems instead of create new ones? Ugh.

    Oh, I actually clicked through to tell you I really like the second pattern and would like to see it on a fabric. Make it happen, kiddo.

  2. I fellow Etsyer! (I have a jewelry shop on there!)

    I am forwarding your link to my mad-about-scrapbooking friend. She would ADORE your stamps!