Thursday, September 6, 2012

I hate cleaning my room.

Cleaning our bedroom always makes me feel like a little kid. I think I had hoped that the older I got, the better I'd be at not having a messy bedroom. So far, not so good! Better, but still not good.

Anyway, after I changed the sheets and made our bed I wanted to see how big my seemingly never ending granny square was getting. It almost covers the top of our bed, which is just about the size I (think I) want it to be. So time to order some more yarn and get a few more rows in. You can see a few older progress pics, here and here, which I just realized have each been taken (this new one, included) at the different places we've lived the past couple years. Seriously, it's time for this thing to just be finished!

I also snapped a picture of the work in progress I mentioned in my last post. Only two more colors and it's done! Now I understand why some people really like making baby blankets - they are f.a.s.t.

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