Monday, September 17, 2012


Have I mentioned how fun my job is? Even on days when I am knee deep in Deco Mesh, with scratched arms and cuticles (that stuff can be a little rough and I'm still trying to master how to wrangle it), it's still super fun. Although I think Deco Mesh is still very popular for wreaths we've been trying to come up with some other ways to use it at the store. One idea was to make a little bear head, similar to the bears that I draw.  While I was walking around the store getting supplies, I figured out that I could make a form with some Styrofoam rings and wire and make an actual taxidermy-like polar bear head.


Maury, as he was named, is made from (as I said above) Styrofoam rings, 12 gauge craft wire, felt and white Deco Mesh. He is mounted on a wooden plaque and has a banner name tag that I made from balsa wood. I am really happy with how he came out. At one point I snapped one of the rings and I was pretty sure all was lost, but it came together. 

Bear Head

When I first finished it I got so excited that I ran into the break room, held it up in front of my head and said "If I hold this up to my head does it look like I'm a bear?!!". Then I made my co-worker, Annya, take a picture. 

She laughed and told me I was a weirdo. But for those of you who know just how much I love bears, you'll know what a magical moment that was for me. 

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  1. I adore this! I want a polar bear head hanging on my wall too LOL! Perfect for an Alaskan home :)