Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tis the season (for now at least)

The past few nights have been cool and we've been able to turn off our fans, which, to me, means that it's cool enough to pick up some yarn and crochet.

My nails match my hook! So fancy!

So I've gotten started on a project that doesn't need to be finished until December but it's going quickly and I'm taking advantage of any cool nights and days. Especially since this is Maine and for all I know the next couple weeks could be hot!

And actually, by "gotten started" I  mean giving up entirely on another project and crocheting because apparently my ability to knit lies in the same part of my brain as my ability to do math - which is nowhere. WTF, knitting?

Oh and can we talk for a moment about my nail polish. Those of you who know me in real life and spend any time with me have probably been in a store with me when I'm on a gold glitter polish hunt. I wanted the tackiest, most glitteriest yellowy gold and I was starting to think I'd never find it! So, thank you, good people of Sally Hansen and Prabal Gurung for making Gilded Lily. 


  1. I totally thought of you when I was making this post!