Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beary Potter

Last fall I decided that since the Harry Potter movies were soon coming to an end I wanted to finally read the books. (kind of backwards, I know) I'm about 3/4 of the way through Half Blood Prince right now with a goal to finish it and Deathly Hallows up before I part 2 of the movie comes out in theaters. FYI - I'm a sloooooowwww ass reader.

This evening I have been playing around on a Wacom tablet. I used to use one pretty regularly and was secretly hoping for some kind of "like riding a bike" thing to happen...but not so much. I got a couple of wiggly drawings out of it though. This one I have been thinking about since I started reading the books.
beary potter
Har har, I'm so funny!

You guys. Why didn't anyone tell me how great these books are?! They feed so perfectly into the part of me that wishes the world was more magical (same reason I love video games) and my imagination. I'm such a late blooming Harry Potter nerd but I think that's totally OK. At least you guys don't have to listen to my recaps that I give Adam after reading. He's a good sport. A real good sport. 


  1. Oh my I was late into HP too! I have read them like a gazillion times now! Anyway... odd... What I meant to say was Beary Potter cracked me up!
    LOVE IT!

  2. What kind of Wacom are you using? I struggled with using them for years until I realized that my brain didn't work with the normal models. Once I tried a Cintiq I had an "oh shit!" realization and suddenly everything clicked. I use a Wacom Penabled Lenovo X61 now for all my drawing and animation stuff and it's the best. I'm dreading the day it craps out on me and I have to find a replacement since I don't think they make them anymore.

  3. Alice - I'm glad he cracked you up! :)

    Zachary - Adam and I both have really old ones from like 2002. They're kinda tiny. Adam has a newer one at work but I've never tried it and I have no idea what kind it is.

  4. My husband and I did the same thing. I had only read the first few books before but we decided we wanted to read them all before the last movie came out. We were soon both engrossed, the later ones are so good! And they really help you understand a lot of what had to be cut out for time from the movies.

  5. My mom used to read the first few to my brothers and I. But to this day I haven't finished the whole series: I might have to join you!

    P.S. I hardly use my Wacom, my computer usually goes on the fritz when I use it.

  6. RE: your wacom

    If you're using a PC, this could mean you need an updated driver. The model of your Wacom should be somewhere on it, whether it's a Cintiq, Intuos or Bamboo, etc. Regardless of how old it is, they may still be updating the drivers. My Intuos 2 is about 10 years old, too.

    I have to say, though, the wiggliness is rather endearing. It somehow works for your adorable bear art.

    I'm quite surprised that you only recently started reading the HP books! It really does seem right up your alley, with the fantasy, whimsy and loveable characters. I can't wait to see more of your illustrations and crafts based on the series.

    Okay, I go back to lurk-mode.