Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hi pals! Today my friend Casie came over and we swapped belated birthday gifts. She had mentioned a few times how much she liked the finger puppets I used to make so I thought I would make her one. She is also quite a fan of sloths - so voila!
Sloth finger puppet
I think I'm most proud of figuring out how to make the little claws. They're pretty cute!
Sloth fingers! Claws! Toes! Whatever!
She really liked it, and I'm so glad! And my gift from her, OH MAN. I love it so much! Casie knows how much I love polar bears. (It's a real super big giant lot) She posted a picture of my gift on her blog last night and before I even saw my name I was realllyyyy hoping it was for me! It's a double sided polar bear pillow. BEST!

I feel like I haven't been doing much handmade stuff lately so it felt good to work on Casie's gift. My brain has mostly been on future projects of my own and something I'm working on with Adam. And of course I've been thinking a lot about our big move back east in August. It's sneaking up on us so fast!


  1. Can you say ADORABLE! Both of them! That sloth looks fantastic!

  2. SO amazing! Will you make any more of them? I may have to buy one for my collection!

    Either way, Casie is one lucky chica!