Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stefano DiBeara

When I was little I often spent half of the summer at a daycare/summer program and half going to my grandmother's house while my mom was at work. Every day that I was there with her we would watch Days of Our Lives. (she would often remind me that all the other soaps were "rubbish" and not to watch them) I loved watching it with her and I still make a point to this day to watch it when I can.

For whatever reason I always kind of liked Stefano DiMera, one of the main bad guys on the show. I think I always loved the crazy evil schemes he would come up and how he just never. seemed. to. die. Pretty entertaining as a kid, and, I have to say, as an adult too.

Stefano DiBeara

I'm sure that if my grama were still around today she  would have much rather preferred a drawing of Alice Horton or Bo Brady but it's just not easy to put the word bear in their names!