Friday, November 7, 2008


I made some new felt brooches the other day. I made two others, but this one is my favorite! I had a hard time deciding if I even wanted to sell it but seeing as how I rarely ever think to wear brooches, I'll let it go!

Maybe it's because I've only lived here a year, or maybe it's because I'm just flat out forgetful (I'm banking on the latter.) but I forgot the race that is catching the sunlight long enough to take picture. Compared to last year this time when I didn't think the house got all that dark when it was cloudy it feels like a cave sometimes!

I realized today that I am only a couple posts away from 100! I'm contemplating some sort of giveaway or something! I've never done anything like that before so it seem like it might be fun! What do you think?

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