Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey you guys! Here's a lady!


I'm tired. Austin has been sick and Adam and I have been getting up a bunch at night to take him out. I'm glad that at the very least he's really good about letting us know he needs to go out. I just feel bad for the little guy!

On Sunday Casie and I went up to Portland to have a PDX Craft Mafia meeting. Only a couple people showed up, which I think in the end ended up being great because we were able to really get down to business and discuss some important things. We have the potential to do some really great things and I think it's going to start now!


  1. I love this!! Your lady looks fab with all the patterns!

  2. she is fab. check out 3 jacks on etsy she is in prtland and is great! Her name is pam kittykill on craftster