Monday, October 27, 2008


Today Adam and I went to pick pumpkins with our pals James and Kathy. It was super warm out today and almost seemed really out of place for such a fall activity. It was nice, but there was no chill in the air like there by all means should have been when on a hay ride/picking out pumpkins! The place we went to was really nice but clearly we are a little late to the game. We all found good pumpkins, but it was slim pickins'. I kept telling Adam that the field looked like it was where pumpkins go to die. Adam and I bought a bag of what is possibly the best kettle corn either of us have ever had. In fact, I'd even say some of the best popcorn we have ever had period! So yummy!

We went home for a little bit after and then over to James and Kathy's to carve our pumpkins with some other people.
I carved Manny Calavera into my pumpkin (the little green one in the top pic) and Adam carved a thumbs up. I'm going to clean mine up a little bit more tomorrow and then take some better pics of them all lit up.

What should I be for Halloween guys?!


  1. I love that you carved Manny on your pumpkin.

    I think the hot halloween costume for girls is pretty much cemented: Iwazaru.

  2. Looked like your green pumpkin :)
    Your stamps are the best~just had to tell you!