Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i'm going to start setting up the room adam and i will be sharing as a studio today. i'm feeling a tiny bit stumped on account of there being a built in bed in the room. (it's basically like a big window seat!) it will be a nice place to sit and crochet or draw.

yesterday i made a few pins. i was getting to antsy to wait until the studio room was set up!

i think i'm going to put them in the shop in a bit. i also think i'm going to try and make some little tree ornaments or some sort of garland. something for the upcoming season!

i don't know, but i'm excited to share a room with adam. sometimes he would come and draw while i was working in my craft room and it was always so nice!!

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  1. I think the built in bed would be great! I really want room for a couch in my next workroom for visitors. Now if Justin is in there with me he has to sit on the floor and there is not much floor room.