Thursday, November 1, 2007

how are things on the west coast?

hello! i live in oregon now!

the move was great! driving across the west was so pretty. adam made it sound boring, but it was all so different from anything i've ever seen before that it was just beautiful! i makes me want to go everywhere by car and not fly anymore. seriously! you miss out on so much when you fly! so many colors and textures in the land, ugh. amazing!

oh and hoards of these total cuties:
i haven't been to the fabric store across the street yet. i just kind of peer at it through the window. i'm worried that it's either going to suck a lot or it's going to be really amazing and i have no get the point. otherwise, i'm really like eugene. adam and i live in a nice area and we can walk to lots and lots of stuff.

i'm thinking about digging out my felt today and making some stuff. i'm just itching to be making stuff again. there's still so much more to do on our house, but geeze.

ok, i'm going to go heat up my super tasty thai leftovers!

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