Sunday, October 14, 2007

i finally got one of the finger puppets done for my friend bobbi. i still have to do the other one, but it will have to wait a tiny bit since all my stuff is all packed up! i forgot how much fun it is designing the little outfits and accessories for these finger puppets. i can't wait to make some more!

i have about a million ideas, per usual of things i would love to try to make. some of the ideas involve me not being afraid of my sewing machine anymore, getting another silkscreen, visiting this shop again in eugene and buying some neat fabric.

moving sucks, but i'm excited. i think that eugene is going to be a much better fit for adam and i at this point in our lives. green bay just doesn't really cut it. however, it does seem to have the friendliest people i have ever met in my life, and i come from a pretty friendly state!

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