Friday, June 1, 2007

so yesterday was my birthday. i didn't do much of anything but go out to eat with my mom and spend my target gift card.

my mom bought me a really pretty iron candle holder that i've wanted forver. it has birds and branches on it. and she also got me two magazines that i've been drolling over at bookland.

this is one of them. it came with a really beautiful poster of trees from around the world that are all illustrated by different artists. plus, the cover glows in the dark! it's pretty much all around a really great magazine. but $20, ouch! thanks, birthday.

the other magazine is called hi-fructose and even though the paintings on the front really scare me, it's the inside that i'm all about. haha. (that was lame!) there's a really big article on dunny's and then the REAL reason i wanted it is because there is a big article on fawn gehweiler!i got some cute shirts and two dozen roses from my dad/brother/shannon too. so birthday was ok. mom and i got home too late last night to have cake. so we are going to do it today.

today i had a little freak out on the phone with adam beacuse i'm poor and can't be making some of the stuff i want to promote my shop. and how i'm convinced (not really) that nobody really is insterested in it anyway, so why should i bother.

you know, one of those freak outs.

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