Monday, June 4, 2007

so usually the senior thesis show that my school put up was two shows that were put up at once. there is the BFA 3 floor show and the Index show. the index show was in the ICA and then you also had work in the 3 floor show. but this year they broke it up so the shows were are two different times. The ICA show started in march, which kind of sucked because you had to have stuff done super early!

but anyway, this is the work that i put in the Index show in the ICA. The piece was called The Friends & Family of Germaine Foster. it was a series of 9 crocheted finger puppets all based on the friends and family of my late grandmother, Germaine. They were so much fun to make and have more or less led me to all the felt stuff i'm doing now.

I haven't made puppets of my grandparents yet. i want a lot of planning to go into when i make those. the only thing i know for sure about them is that they will be stitched together so that they look like they are holding hands.

I haven't crocheted AT ALL since i made these. literally not even once. i think i'm ready to get back into it. it's been long enough since i spent 2 1/2 days straight in front of a pile of yarn, felt and trim trying not to throw up due to the strong smell of fabri-tac.

This little girl to the left is one of my favorites - Alexandrine. (she was one of my grandmother's sisters, she had like...a million of them!)

i'm watching passions right now. this show is soooo bad and yet so good all at the same time. i'm sad that it is going to be leaving NBC. how am i supposed to get my daily input of trashy tv now that i don't have cable?!!

guess i'll just get it from when i watch vh1 celebreality while at work!

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