Tuesday, May 29, 2007

so the past few days have been pretty much spent gushing over the new puppy my mom got. i haven't made any stuff. not that i was making tons before really, but i was trying to get a little done at least. i've had a cold the past few days too. i feel pretty good today, but i'm sleeeeeepy. all i want to do it lay in bed and watch that 70's show and other lazy stuff.

anyway, today since i have the day off i decided to do some felt stuff and i made a few more pins. i made another heart one in different colors and a new cupcake one.

i still can't find my pyschonauts disc! i want to make those merit badges so baaaad!


  1. Holy crap that cupcake is cute. <3

    A typo just gave me this idea: a cute anthropomorphic cupcake with a word bubble which says "wassup?" And the shirt would be called Supcake.

  2. i've never heard anything more amazing in my life!