Monday, January 20, 2014


Hi-fives, everyone! I finally finished the giant granny square afghan that I've been posting about for years now.

I decided to call it quits last night while Adam and I were watching some stuff on Netflix. It's been nice to always have it around when I want to do some mindless crocheting but at the same time, it's never finished status always made me feel too guilty to start anything new.

It's a bit of a beast - roughly 64 inches square. I wanted it big enough to fit on top of our bed and big enough to actually cover you when you're feeling like you want to snuggle - because let's be real, nobody has ever snuggled successfully under a lap blanket. Well, no adult, anyway.

So here it is, all finished. Never to be blogged about again. Made from a zillion skeins of Lion Brand's Cotton Ease.


  1. Great ! Gave me inspiration for one I was thinking of doing for my sofa! God bless

  2. finished one myself over the weekend.