Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cut and Sew Bestie Bears

Holy cow, I can not even believe I haven't posted this on the blog yet! I feel like March just flew by and was so much busier than I expected. BUT HEY.

Have you ever wanted your own little S. Jane bear to love and hug and take on adventures? And did you also want the self satisfaction of having made it yourself? I thought you might have! Introducing the Bestie Bear cut and sew fat quarter now available at Spoonflower!


Bestie Bears has two little 8 inch bears for you to sew. Here is an example of how one looks sewn up by someone (me) not so great at sewing things that aren't straight lines:


See? Still super cute! (Also the real life colors are much much much closer to the image, it's just a little dark in my apartment this morning)

So go, run! Get your little bears and sew them up and show me!


  1. Uh, requesting The Path bestie bears, obviously!

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