Saturday, August 6, 2011

Road trip USA

Well, we're on the road!  We left Wednesday morning and have been driving, driving, driving.  I just wanted to share a couple quick pictures.
Arches National Park, Utah
Arches National Park in Utah.  So gorgeous!

Scenic overlook along I-70 in Colorado.

Man, you guys, I love going cross country.  It's so cool to see the landscape change from desert to mountains to plains, etc.  So far we've been through California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.

Right now we are in Nebraska and I'm not too excited about.  It's so flat. Big skies and being able to see miles and miles ahead don't make me feel so great. The first thing I saw when we got into our hotel room was a pamphlet titled "Tornado Procedures", (ewwww) and then I turned on the tv to see a tornado warning for the county. (for those of you who don't know - tornadoes are one of my biggest, irrational fears, being that I'm rarely anywhere they are common).  Nothing happened, clearly. But it was a scary couple of minutes in my brain.

Only a couple more days of driving and we are hoooommmmeeee!

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  1. beautiful photographs! Utah is a beautiful state. I'm a roadtripper, myself. My favorite part was always watching the landscapes change...a lot faster then I thought they would. So, we're alike in that respect. enjoy the trip.