Sunday, July 24, 2011

10 days!

Our move back east is coming up so fast. Like, in 10 days fast. I feel like I've been answering a lot of questions lately about what I'm excited to get back to in Maine so I thought I'd do a quick little post on a couple things. 

My creation

1. Apple picking! When we first moved to Eugene I was kind of shocked that there weren't really any places in Lane County to go apple picking. You can pick just about anything else - but no apples! It's always such a great way to spend a crisp fall day...and then the week or so afterwards trying to figure out  what to do with all those apples.

2. Fireflies - Adam and I had just assumed that these existed everywhere, and when we found out that we would be having firefly-less summers we were kind of bummed out. Oregon has such beautiful open spaces that it's really a shame that they don't sparkle on summer nights.

3. Islands - As much as I'll miss the gorgeous glittering blue-green of the Pacific, the vast open-ness of it has always kind of overwhelmed me. I can't wait to see little islands dotting the coast and the deep blue Atlantic. I especially can't wait to get back to my #1 super fave - Bailey Island

4. BRICK! This one might sound kind of funny but everything in Eugene feels so new. All plaster and stucco and siding. I know that there are new brick buildings but it always just feels so historic to me. I can't wait to be surrounded by big old brick buildings again. Also I can't wait to be tripping down cobblestone streets. JK, I can wait on that one!

(And FYI I'm not really looking forward to humidity and driving in the snow.)


  1. I hate the humidity! IT'S KILLING ME.

  2. All of those sound very similar to where I live, Georgia. ;) Not so many tiny islands as the pic though, and no cobblestones (I'm sure they have them somewhere, but not common at all!)

    We hardly get any snow (a little more would be nice) but do have the terrible humidity. It's a real pain in the summer, but every place has air conditioning.