Monday, December 13, 2010

Husband Birthday!

It's Adam's birthday today and even though he's not someone who gets excited about their birthday, I STILL AM. As much as I'd love to share some kind of silly picture of him, (in his honor, of course) I won't!

However, I will share with you a picture of our little Christmas tree.

We put it up last weekend and listened to Christmas music. I've never been that big on xmas music but I'm seriously missing snow and real winter this year and I needed something that reminded me that it is in fact that time of year. 

I am almost done with all of my handmade gifts! I have one thing to finish and send out and one thing to finish for a handmade gift swap my friends and I are having. I can't wait to share some pics!

Well, I better get cracking on this busy Monday I have ahead of me. I need to make some birthday lasagna and a cake as well as do some work. L8RZ.

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