Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marked Man

Our house right now is consumed with the sounds of acceleration, scraping and car crashes. We downloaded and bought Burnout Paradise the other night and it's all Adam, Paul or I can think about. I don't usually like racing games but one that actually rewards you for crashing into stuff works out really well for me.

It was mostly cloudy today and oh so sleepy. It always takes me a few cloudy days to get used to the encroaching months of them. Because we are slow pokes we still don't have the house totally unpacked and a lot of the walls are still bare. I find myself poking around the house for spots where there is some color and just kind of soaking it in. Two of my favorites right now are:

The mer-bears Casie made for Adam and I as a wedding gift. They hang over our bed.

Annnnddd, the Atelier Lzc dishcloth I picked up at a cute shop in Seattle a few years ago. It hangs in our bathroom and matches our pink counter and tub!

Living with white walls is a bit foreign to me so hopefully we will quit being lazy jerks and get more color up around the house soon. Lord knows, when those winter months come around we will need it!

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  1. Burnout Paradise is the best thing ever! I play it more than any other game I own, I think. Do you have any of the add ons? There's a party pack that's really great and just strings together a bunch of challenges for multiplayer play.

    We should try some online voodoo and see if we can play together some time.