Monday, September 6, 2010

Granny squares, a little hike and motion sickness.

Yesterday was a great day. We got up, had some breakfast and then went for a little hike on one of the Fox Hollow Trails. It was great weather and the trail was so pretty. The forest here is so magical and green and mossy and not buggy.

fox hollow

When we got home I decided to try crocheting in the hammock. Just a heads up. Crocheting while sitting in a hammock can make you motion sick! Or, well, can make me motion sick. Looking down while swinging slightly side to side = NO GOOD.

granny squares

I hadn't actually made any small granny squares before, only started an afghan that is like one giant one. I've made eight different squares and today decided on a layout. 

Granny square layout

It looks pretty crazy like that, but it's not reaaaally going to look like that anyway. It kind of gives me a headache to look at for too long. Well I must get back to my granny squares and watching Nip/Tuck with my bro-in-law.

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  1. i love these style of blankets! i have a few and there just so colourful. i like the coluors you have chosen :)

    gracie - moonsbirdsandmonsters (swapbot)