Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vote for Sarah & Brian!

I don't usually post stuff about other people's giveaways but this one is too good on all accounts! The reason, the prize, all of it! 

1. It involves a Sarah and us Sarah's with an H need to stick together.
2. It involves a wedding contest and since I'm planning mine right now, I see how stressful it can get and am all for helping someone else's be easy breezy!
3. The couple is really adorable!
3. The prize is from one of my favorite Etsy artistsMarañónand it would be a dream to own a piece from her.

So here are the rules via Sarah and Brian's blog, Westervin: Remember to comment over there, NOT here for a chance to win and say that Sarah from S. Jane sent you!

  1. Follow this link to our Ultimate Wedding Contest entry page.
  2. Click “Vote for this Entry”
  3. Enter your email address (you will NOT receive spam, this is just to verify that you are an actual person)
  4. Leave a comment on this post with your vote number (e.g. I’m vote #170).  To get your vote number, just check the vote count on our entry page after you’ve received your confirmation email.*  In your comment, be sure to include your name in the “Name” field and your email address in the “Email” field.
  5. Tell others to vote for us.  Why?  Because you’ll get additional entries and increase your chances of winning the necklace!  So tweet about it, blog about it, post a link on your Facebook wall or email it to your friends.  Just ask them to leave your name in their comment (e.g. I’m vote #170 and Kelly Jones told me to vote!)
  6. Give yourself a pat on the back!
*If you’ve already voted for us chances are I know about it.  Don’t worry about the vote number unless you remember it.

This giveaway ends Sunday, March 14th at 11:59pm CST

So go forth and vote, you guys! If nothing else you will help to make a cute couple's wedding dream seem not so far away!

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  1. You deserve a big hug! Thanks so much for posting about our giveaway. Us SaraHs do have to stick together ;)

    <3 Sarah Westervin