Friday, March 5, 2010

And it continues..

Back to wedding crocheting!

Austin half watching over and half staring me down.
Sometimes in the right (or wrong?) light he kind of looks like he only has one eye.

So I'm up to 87 pieces and counting. I feel like I could have so many more done but I'm trying really hard to make sure I take a day or two in between crochet-a-thons so I don't end up hurting my wrists.

Yesterday I went over to talk final details about our invitations with Kristin of Twin Ravens Press. I am so excited that we are getting to work with her and I can't wait to help out once we can get started with printing.

It feels so good to get stuff like that checked of the wedding to do list. Most of the time is spent feeling kind of like things might not ever come together and then before you know it there's only a few things left to do! Well, only a few more things to do if you aren't my mom or I because we still need to make a thousand things.

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  1. *Like* - This is going to be awesome!! : ) You rock!