Monday, February 1, 2010

Buddy Monday - The Lulu Bean

I first talked to Shelby in Etsy chat when she wanted a custom order. We exchanged IM names to better talk about what she wanted and have pretty much been chatting with each other ever since! She has been a great friend to talk to about all sorts of things like what is going on in my day to new craft projects and everything in between. I love seeing what she is working on because she is always switching it up but always rocking the cute. She is more than willing to take on new projects and a total pro at making you happy whether you are a customer or just need someone to cheer up your day. (P.S. LOOK, Shelby a gray banner just for you!)

1. Tell us about yourself?
I'm Shelby, and I'm pretty much awesome. Actually, I'm just a laid-back 28 year
old straightedge vegetarian that would rather stay in and knit than go out and
party on a Friday night. I'm like your grandma without the old lady smell.

2. What do you make?
A little bit of everything, really. Right now, I am mostly knitting. I have been
making a lot of custom hats and scarves lately since it is cold, but I also
like to make unexpected things like bracelets or little stuffed toys.

3. How did you come up with your shop/business/blog name?
"TheLuluBean" came from a nickname I had for my pit bull, Lulu. She would curl
up so tight when she slept, that she looked like a big bean.

4. Influences?
Boredom! I'm really easily bored, so I try to learn new skills and techniques in
order to keep things fresh. I also love color. Seeing a beautiful color
combination makes me want to knit something up in it.

5. Who would you like to collaborate with?
I love collaborating with Shannon and Ursula from Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio
( I'm always going to them with ideas for yarn
that I want, and they consistently come back to me with just what I had in
mind. It's like they're in my braaaaain! My dream collaboration would be to
team up with Sam Brown from ExplodingDog or Natalie Dee and do some super
stick-figure embroidery, though. Their work is fabulous.

6. 5 songs you like to work to?
Anything off of "Songs to Scream at the Sun" by Have Heart
"Hammering In My Head" by Garbage
"Dinosaurs Will Die" by NOFX
"Mad As The March Hare" by Most Precious Blood
"A Three-Legged Workhorse" by This Will Destroy You

Listen here!

To learn more about Shelby visit her shop, flickr or click any of the images in this post.


  1. Those are awesome! I love Buddy Monday. Seeing what everyone else does makes me want to go make stuff.

  2. Lovely! Her stuff is great! LOVE THE LULUBEAN. xo

  3. Thelulubean is my fave!!! ;) I just love the stuff she makes....I own that wonderful green cuff;)....and she is one rockin babe too;) I've been priveledged to meet some wonderful folks on Etsy but, Thelulubean is by far my favorite.....lots of personality and just like her shop says, she makes stuff so cute, you'll slap yourself;)