Monday, February 1, 2010


Since around September I have been crazy about these puzzles called nonograms or griddlers. They are a kind of logic puzzle where you fill in squares on a grid to make pictures. The puzzles range all different sizes, difficulties and images. The site I have been doing them through is called I love it because the puzzles are all made by members and it's so fun to see what people come up with. Last night I made a couple of my own puzzles while watching SNL (If you missed, watch it here because Jon Hamm was hilarious!) and snuggling under a blanket.

It occurred to me today that these, especially the little town, would make great cross stitch patterns so I might try that out soon. So yeah, I think they are lots of fun and can be a good challenge. I definitely recommend you guys try them out! If you want to try the little city puzzle you can just click on the image above.


  1. I've always seen them called Picross, or sometimes Sudoku Paint (something like that). There are a couple of DS games that are really fun, and lots of puzzle books that you can buy, though most of those are only black & white.

  2. The little house one is amazing! I'd love to see a print of that.

    If you don't already have it, go out and purchase Picross DS immediately. It's $20 new.