Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Our save the dates came today! I get really excited/impatient about deliveries and kept peeking out the window on our door every time I heard a truck. (Which, by the way, when you live next door to a busy restaurant, is A LOT.) Oddly enough, the blue color that I was making such a fuss over before came out great and they gold color ended up a little strange but still looks a-ok!

I spent most of the evening working on envelopes, cutting the save the dates down to the right size and punching the corners. Also carving some stamps and working on an illustration. I haven't spent that much time hunched over the table in my craft room in a while. It felt great and also reminded me that I need a new, comfortable chair in there sooner than I thought. Also my thumb hurts from punching the stupid corners.

So excited! Just need a few more addresses and then we can send them out!

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  1. holy shit you're getting married. I don't think it really clicked in my brain until just now.