Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stop it, rain!

Last week Adam mentioned that there only six months left until the wedding. Six months has never sounded like such a short amount of time before. We ordered our save the date cards on Sunday even though we had been meaning to order them since I got back in September. I drove myself crazy with the colors of a print preview not matching up to what I have in real life. Then Adam reminded me (about 100 times) that they are just the save the dates and we can worry about that for the actual invitations.

 I don't want to share the design yet but here are the patterns I used on it!

I cannot wait to get them and then start stuffing some envelopes!


  1. I dig those patterns! Your site is looking good, did you update it? Or did I just forget that it looked like this.

  2. I've been making some really little changes here and there!

  3. Well keep shooting 3 pointers hot shot!