Monday, November 30, 2009

"Eunice Chantilly wore that barette and I said it was tacky!"

My goal of posting often didn't survive the onslaught of pre-holiday duties.  Last week was a flurry of house cleaning, laundry, driving, family, friends and so so so much food.

I've been working on some more pouches and trying out different yarns. I think so far my favorite is a cotton/acrylic blend. It has just the right combination of softness and sturdiness and the colors I can get it in are soooo nice. Here is the first of the cotton/acrylic pouches all finished. It's lined with some awesome fabric that my mom gave me from her vintage stash. The button is also covered in the same fabric.

Today I am going to crochet my little brains out and catch up on some shows. It's a dark, cold, cloudy day so perfect for watching and crocheting!