Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dance Party Envy.

My pal, Zachary, mentioned to me today that he missed the dance parties we used to have when we were in college. Our friend DeAnne used to have the best parties in her little studio apartment. It was always good drinks, good snacks, good music and of course great company.

I have had some different music videos on my mind lately because the parties/crowds in them look like so much fun. Granted, it's something was produced to look that way, but whatever, you guys! Fun is fun!

This crowd watching Kid Sis... I want to be in it!

This one is totally cheesy but I'd down for this dance party.

Annd the dancing in this one just cracks me up!

I think I need a dance party! Soon! Maybe a Halloween one?


  1. Those dance parties more or less defined my college experience. Not just because they were super fun and I had great friends, but because they taught me that I really like to dance! I had never done it before aside from, like, prom. But when we all got together in DeAnne's little apartment and she put on Thriller... it was magical! All your worries go away and all you can think about is dancing.

    I listen to Danger's 11H30 every day before work and it fills me with smiles...

  2. I want Feist's tights! Ruby is now making her dolls dance, complete with dips. love it.

  3. I love dance parties!!! All the time!