Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back on track-ish?

Well, I am still in Maine. I will be here until September and it sure is nice. It's nice to spend the day at my mom's house with the dogs and sit in her massive craft room. It gives me so much inspiration but at the same time can be overwhelming because there is just so much you could do in here!

Yesterday I felt like working on something small and using some fabric. I'm not great at sewing or really anything involving a sewing machine so I just decided to do some embroidery with some little scraps of my mom's fabric on paper.

It's pretty similar to some other paper embroidery I have done and it was really fun. I want to try doing some of these on a larger scale so this morning I dug through all the old supplies in my bedroom and found a stretched canvas with some crappy unfinished oil painting on it. I think it was supposed to be of Popham Beach, but I really have no idea. I've never been much of a painter. At all. Ever.

I'm cooking up some pretty big ideas for some new stuff and with the help of my mom have been collecting some little things to get started. I've had a bit of a rough year, personally, and now it's time to get back on track.

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