Monday, May 21, 2007

so much stuff!

since i'm finally into crafting i can't stop marveling at my mom's craft room. it is jaaaaaam packed full of everything you could ever want to do pretty much any project. this picture, by no means does the room justice. there are at least 100 other drawers/containers full of stuff. and still, that's not even everything.

oh yeah and tons of books and patterns and a big button collection get the idea.

she set up a little desk for me to work on while i'm home for the next few months. it makes me very happy and want to sit at it all day long. in fact, i'm at it now thanks to my new laptop.

i have some ideas for new felt stuff. i'm excited! i want to make some merit type badges inspired by the merit badges you get in the game psychonauts and duh, of course, girl scouts!

this will either be awesome or really crappy!


  1. Wow, I'm humbled by the mere fraction of your mom's crafting room. I just got a couple more books that I've been dying to tell someone about - Toys to Knit and Denyse Schmidt Quilts. I've never done any quilting before, but this seems like a good book to start with and the projects are really cool. She went to RISD! I'm going to try and get good enough to make my friends from college a quilt for their wedding. The date is 8/30/08... I hope I can make it! ;) Toys to Knit is really cute although seems unintentionally racist ("Use pink yarn for all body pieces..."). But there're animals in it that were too cute to pass up.

  2. i am in totaly amazment of your mother's craft room. can i move in?