Saturday, May 19, 2007

first post 2k7

so for a while now i have wanted to have a craft specific blog. here it is! yayayayay!

so this is my most recent project: felt pals!

a while back my mom had given me a big bag full of old wool felt to use for some crocheted finger puppets that i was making for my senior thesis. the colors are so rich and bright and the felt is woven so tightly. it's become my favorite least for the moment.

but anyway. i am really loving making these felt pals. they're quick and easy and they provide the attention to color that i crave in every project.

they are for sale in my etsy shop. i've only sold one so far. i'm so bad at advertising. i design lots of stuff, but i don't know what to do with it after. i'm no good with figuring out printing stuff, not to mention that i am totally poor at the moment.

yeeesh! anyway, felt pals! my new thing. i plan on making a million-zillion of them this summer. so just watch out.

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