Sunday, August 11, 2013


Ocean, mountains and forests. I can think of few places I'd rather be at any given time. Adam and I have been fairly lucky the past month or so. We got to spend a week, almost two at a beautiful house in Harpswell with some of my family. We got to wake up every morning to views of the Cribstone Bridge, Orr's and Bailey Islands. It was hard to leave but luckily we only live about and hour away.
Harpswell Dock

And then last week we spent 3 days in North Conway, NH with some of Adam's family. We left early on Sunday so we could take a drive up and down the Kancamagus Highway. If you live anywhere near either Conway or Lincoln, NH (where the highway runs between) then I can't recommend the drive enough. It's only 26 miles with lots and lots scenic overlooks, trails and recreation areas nestled in the White Mountain National Forest. I've been on it dozens of times and it never looses any of it's beauty.
Sugar Hill Overlook
We also made a point to check out a trail nearby where we were staying in North Conway. We went to Diana's Bath in Bartlett. It's a series of waterfalls which I didn't take many pictures of because it would have mostly just been of people in the water. It was beautiful though and you could climb up giant rocks to the top of the falls. We kept going a little bit farther along a trail that runs alongside the falls.
Trail at Diana's Bath in North Conway, NH
I've been feeling so lucky lately in regards to where we live. Both of these places are easy day/afternoon trips and despite the fact that we've been to them plenty of times there is still so much for us to explore. 

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