Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Counting By 12s

My good friend Morgan, from Fo' Reals Mom told me about a project that she was invited to do this year called Counting By 12s. Everyone picks 12 goals and does them once a month for the whole year. Meaning by the end of 2013 I will have completed 144 different and many new experiences! The timing of Morgan telling me about this project honestly could not have been any better. This is the first year that I had started a list of goals for myself so yeah, perfect!

1. Go to One New Place - We've been living back on the east coast for well over a year now and I feel like there's no reason for us/me to be going to the same places that we always went to five years ago. We live in a great area that has so much to offer so it's time to start really exploring it.

2. Make One Thing I Could Have Bought For My Home - This is a challenge that I've been wanting to give myself for a while. Right now I'm thinking things like pillowcases, potholders, finishing that bath mat that I started months ago....But I'm hoping maybe this could evolve to some bigger, more challenging projects.

3. Have A Nice Dinner at the Table -  My husband and I probably eat 99% of our meals either on the couch ,while watching something on Netflix, or at our respective desks. We have a dining table, we have things to set a nice table and we know how to cook! I'd love to have at least one nice meal a month where I get creative with the table settings and the food.

4. Do Something For the Growth of S. Jane Craft - Making decisions that relate to S. Jane are always tough for me. I'm going to do one thing a month to help promote or grow S. Jane Craft.

5. Make a Recipe That Scares or Challenges Me - I generally shy away from any project that I feel like I might even slightly mess up. Especially when it comes to food. I know how to cook lots of tasty things but (I think) they are all easy. The first thing that comes to mind here is bread. I mean, who wants to put in the effort and then have crappy bread?! Not me, BUT I'M GOING TO. Also this novel of a cake recipe.

6. Create Tutorials/Recipes/Printables for the Blog - I have a lot of ideas all the time. My life is pretty much making things, at work and at home. I want to also teach you how to make some things and share what I've learned!

7. Have Friends and Family Over - I'm sad that this even has to be on here because I actually really love having people over. I love spending a few hours or a whole day/evening chatting and snacking with friends and family. I need this more in my life!

8. Play A Game I'd Probably Never Play- I really, really love video games. I actively seek out new games a lot but I pretty much always stick to the same genres.

9. Give Gifts - I genuinely love giving gifts - and I don't mean like big, expensive, flashy, presents - more like "I saw this and thought of you" kinds of things. Little things that show you've been paying attention. I feel great giving things like that and I'm sure the person receiving will too.

10. Watch/Read/Play/Listen to Something Adam (my husband) Has Asked Me To - Now, this isn't to say that I don't already do this, or that we have nothing in common. Adam often tells me about some funny video he watched or documentary, a song that he's really into, etc. A lot of the time whatever he's talking about ends with "you should really watch/listen to/play it". And almost always I forget, or, brush it off. He is, of course very excited about this part of the list.

11. Do Something I Always Say I'm Going To - Finish that afghan, move the bed, fix up that super cute end table, get drinks with so-and-so. Sometimes I'm a lot of talk!

12. Wear Something Outside My Comfort Zone - I have so many cute things that I almost never wear because, like a lot of ladies, I'm worried how someone else might think it looks on me. It's so silly! So let's do this, bright colored lipstick and other things!

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  1. If you have a mixer bread is really pretty easy! (It is an intimidating one to try though.) Just toss in all the ingredients, mix it up, and then let it sit covered for a while. Pop that dough on a pan & bake, and you are done!