Friday, December 7, 2012

Little Tree

Man, can you even believe that it's December?! I sure can't. I also can't believe that I haven't posted anything since October. I've been making lots of things, but they have mostly been gifts and I don't really like to share gifts on the blog until they have been given!

So instead here are a few pics of some holiday related things, like our little tree, a little present under it and some gift wrap I made.


Adam said he didn't want anything for Christmas, but I still got him a couple little things. I told him that that little gift is a pack of cigarettes and that I thought he might like to take up the habit, (they're not and he doesn't) but he doesn't believe me. 

I made the wrapping paper with some stamps that I had carved a while ago and a paper bag. I love wrapping stuff in kraft paper. I think it looks so nice! Oh and that pom pom was unused decor from our wedding!
This bear is indifferent to being on wrapping paper. #bears #indifference
I'm really into and can relate to the indifference on this bear's face. I, too, feel indifferent about many things.

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  1. Lovely paper and such a cute tree
    Hugs Buffy x