Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old favorite new favorite

I'm not very good at switching up the things I wear but there's something about getting to wear different shoes when it starts to get cooler out that I love! Something about having my feet mostly covered in the summer time makes me crazy (and too damn hot). So when crisper fall days start to roll around I get a little excited!

old favorite new favorite

Now, I know that boat shoes are probably supposed to be summer shoes but so what! Right now is the prime time for me to want to wear them. They are super cute, comfy and come in other cute colors, AND, AND, AND are only $12.99 right now on clearance on the L.L. Bean website! And since they are from Bean's it makes me feel like I'm a wicked Mainer. 

I decided to switch up my purse too. I got that purse probably 4 years ago from H&M in Boston.  It's HUGE and I remember at the time I bought it so I could fit school stuff in there. I don't carry school stuff around any more so I'm not really sure why I'm using it again. But it's got a really cute lining and a special pocket for my phone so whatever. Also, I was using my Foxy Tote from Boygirlparty and I'm paranoid about messing it up since Susie doesn't make them anymore. 

Really I just wanted an excuse to talk about my boat shoes.

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  1. ahh a lady's handbag can never be to big! (kind of) and i love the red :)

    gracie - moonsbirdsandmonsters (swapbot)