Friday, July 2, 2010

I think you should play this: ImmorTall

Adam and I were chatting about indie games earlier and how frustrating it is that the mainstream view of games is all blood and guts and guns. I don't really play many games like that and never really have. What I have always loved about games is that you get to see worlds you never could have imagined and have experiences that you can't have in real life. And while I don't need to feel something when I play a game, I've realized lately that when I do, regardless of the emotion, it sticks with me for a looong time. I still remember screaming and turning off my monitor when a zombie popped out of a puddle in Half-Life 2, the horrible grinding/growling sound in grandma's house when you play as Carmen in The Path, being psyched when Pango (that stubborn bitch!) finally gave me her picture in Animal Crossing: Wild World and how I felt at the end of ImmorTall by Pixelante.

It's a very short game so I don't want to give anything away but on the Pixelante site ImmorTall is described as "a poignant walk through the life of an alien caught in the midst of humanity". 

( click on screenshots to go to the game)

The game is so beautiful in the simplicity of the story and artwork. I had been meaning to share it with Adam for so long because it just randomly pops in my head sometimes. I finally did today and then decided to post about it here in hopes of sharing it with a few more people!

So if you have a few minutes please use them to check out ImmorTall. You can literally play it in a few minutes and if you don't think it's beautiful or feel nothing at the end they you are probably a robot, or dead, or a jerk! (JK, kinda)