Friday, February 5, 2010

This is not winter!

I think I am finally getting used to the winters here. All the rain and clouds can be a bummer but I still really love how green it gets. Today is a beautiful, warm and mega sunny day so Austin and I went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. When we got home I looked at our route on Google maps and we walked about 2 miles! I was kind of surprised!

We walked in some new areas that we hadn't been before and up many steep hills. I cropped this picture because there was a big ugly truck in the way but the hill that we were at the top of went straight down. It just looks like a drop off in the original. Needles to say, we are kind of pooped.
But it was worth it to see all the pretty hills and sites around where we live annnnnd also crocuses! They are my favorite thing to see in the springtime. (Or, when you live here, early February.)

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