Friday, January 29, 2010

Sometimes I'm helpful!

Today was great! Austin and I went for a nice walk this morning. It was nice and dry out and even sunny. Adam and I had lunch together and then we went to see Kristin from Twin Ravens Press to talk about our wedding invitations. We went over not really having any idea of what we wanted to do. Kristin showed us so much beautiful and creative work  and gave us so many new ideas of what we could do that I think she got us both pretty excited. Earlier in the day she mentioned that she needed some help in the studio (She broke her leg about 4 weeks ago! Ouch!) so after our meeting I brought Adam back to work and went right back to help out.

Kristin printin'!

I had SO much fun. I mostly just carried stuff around for her and passed her stuff but it was so awesome to see all the steps that go into a letterpress project. I kind of felt like I was amazed by everything. Even cutting the paper! Even the little ticking counter on the letterpress! Even all the boxes of envelopes and all the paper samples. I think you are getting the point that I think what Kristin does is pretty awesome.

I can't wait to work on invitations now!


  1. Dude - you were awesome today! Thanks so much for coming by and helping out! The next thing we have to do is get you printing on that thing. BTW - the video kind of makes me laugh (I totally had my mouth open the entire time...) : P I'm so glad you and Adam are excited about doing the invites - can't wait to start working on them with you! Thanks again for today!

  2. Oh no, broken leg?! How awful!
    But how exciting that Kristin is doing your invitations the deciding of all those fun details.